Feedback initiative

Published: March 14th, 2017

Speaker feedback is crucial thing for our meetups to be better: it gives valuable info to speakers and organizers. What attendees liked or not, what was clear and conscise and most important: suggestions on some missing details or explanation will make speakers better. As organizers, without it we dont know what are the interests of our members, if they would like to hear more on the subject or should we not push in that direction.

We have been looking for ways to improve feedback rates on our meetup talks, from mentioning it all the time to personally contacting and asking members to leave some. We found ourselves at the point we stoped publishing events cause whats the point when no feedback is left?

Together with help of our dear sponsors, we decided to organize raffles on each meetup for next 6 months, giving members who left feedback on possibility to win some of our sponosor gifts.

How can I participate in raffles?

After meetup, go to, find the talks you listened to and leave feedback. Usually it takes 2-3 minutes to add your feedback to a talk, so it's really not that big of an effort. Every meetup, from a big hat, we will be pulling out names of members that left feedback on last 3 meetups. If you left feedback on more than 1 talk, your name will be in hat for each of the comments you left, increasing your chances to win.

If your name is pulled out, you can pick from one of the gifts we are giving away. Unfortunately, if we pull you and you are not there, we will go for the next name.

What are the prizes?

We are starting with 3 sponsors now:


Jetbrains, company behind PHPStorm is giving away 1-year licences of PHPStorm, each worth €199.


SHIFT Developer Conference 2017, was kind enought to give us tickets for their conference, each worth $150.


CodeAnywhere, collaborative tool for developers to use cloud as their IDE setup is giving away 1 year Freelancer plan, worth $84.

More sponsors coming soon

We will be adding more sponsors soon. If your company is interested in supporting feedback initiative, feel free to contact us by email info [at] zgphp (dot) org or one of our meetups. If you dont have your own products to give away, we have some ideas like books too ;)