ZgPHP meetup #29

Published: January 3rd, 2014

It is time for first ZgPHP meetup in 2014, it will be held in Mama, Preradoviceva 18 on January 16th starting at 17:30. This one will be a bit different then ones before, instead of 2nd talk we have decided to go with slot for lightning talks. If you are interested in coming please RSVP here.

17:30 – The gathering :)
18:00 – Informational block
18:10 – Stipe Predanić – JadePHP templateing engine
18:40 – Short pause
18:50 – Lightning talks
19:20 – Drinkup in Kolding, Berislaviceva st. 8

Stipe Predanić – JadePHP templateing engine

JadePHP engine is based on Jade templating engine built for node.js, a simplified version of haml. Stipe will cover engines https://github.com/everzet/jade.php and https://github.com/sisoftrg/jade.php.

Lightning talks

If you are interested in speaking, lightning talks should last between 3 and 5 minutes, you can prepare slides or some code but don’t have to. This is a great opportunity for all of our members to step up and talk! If you have a talk idea already, contact us on zgphpmeetup [at] gmail.com to reserve a slot or just contact us on the spot (during meetup)! Talks can be in either Croatian or English, more about our announcement on using English can be found here.