Miro Svrtan - Web application: Tech from startup to enterprise

Published: April 17th, 2014

Mid 2009, njuskalo.hr was a 2 year old project gaining a lot of traction in local market. In 4,5 years we grew from 23 mil to 340mil PWs, almost at a rate of 100% every year. While we are aware that this traffic is zero to nothing in comparison to some of the world mega sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google) we are a small team (2-4 developers), concentrated on building a product for our local market.

Talk would cover how we scaled our platform:

  • bare metal enterprise grade servers hosted in our data center (no cloud due to latency issues)
  • scaling resources while in rapid development (business doesn't wait for technical problems to be solved)
  • implementing new technologies
  • implementing methodologies (technical & organizational)

While a lot of projects, when entering their enterprise phase start to produce less and less features, in 2013 we have built more features then ever before. With same number of developers, focusing on developers knowledge and understanding of business demands (and few other tricks).